Remedy for 'Your session has expired. Please try again' when leaving DUO page idle for about 60 mins in an Electron app

‘Hello’ to all of you.

This is my first question in this community, so please bear with me and grant me some leniency.

I think my problem can be very clearly explained in a form of a short story as below

  1. An electron app
  2. Using DUO authentication
  3. DUO page appears with options of ‘Send me a push’, ‘Call me’ etc.
  4. User goes for a coffee break or something else, takes a bit of time like about an hour.
  5. Comes back and clicks on ‘Send me a push’.
  6. Gets a red ‘Your session has expired. Please try again’ prompt right at the bottom of the DUO page.
  7. Can’t refresh the page as it is not running in browser but Electron window.
  8. User gets stuck on this page. No way out !

How can we deal with this situation ?

Warm regards,