Reinstall smartphone


Hello, my smartphone crashed and needed to be repaired.
When configuring again the smartphone (Huwai), I noticed that the 2 accounts in DUO Mobile are no longer listed.
I use the free version to access to websites of the Belgium government (tax,…)
I saw no feature to add the 2 accounts , so I logged in at the website of the Belgium government via card reader and there I choose to add the Mobile app.
After scanning the QR code I saw the accounts back in DUO. But then I tested it , and when I enter the unique login code it always is refused.

While scanning the QR code I did not get an activation code.

How do I reinstall my accounts in DUO mobile? ( a new Android phone, or reinstalled Android phone)


Hi there,

Could you please confirm that the passcodes generated in Duo Mobile previously worked for you at this website? While we do not have a backup feature for third-party accounts at this time, you can see the workflow for adding new third-party accounts to Duo Mobile here:

If the passcodes are not working for you after deleting the accounts in Duo Mobile and adding them again, please contact the team administering the website you’re trying to access and troubleshoot further with them.


Hello, before reinstalling the smartphone I had no issues with DUO. The generated passcodes worked at the website of the Belgian government.

What is the best way to reinstall DUO mobile (free) on a new android device and with the previous created accounts?


Ah, I understand. Thank you for clarifying! As described in this knowledge base article, there is currently no backup or recovery option available for third-party accounts on Android devices. You will need to manually add the account back via the service you’re accessing in order to begin using Duo Mobile to generate codes again.

As we’re not able to support cases where Duo Mobile is used as a third-party authentication in this way, you will need to contact the team in charge of the government website if further help is required.