RDWeb on Server 2016 RDS


I’m trying evaluating Duo and am trying to get Duo working on my 2016 RDWeb Server, the install works fine, Duo installs and creates a Virtual Directory at Default Web Site/RDWeb/duo, however when I attempt to access the site, it gives me a 404 error attempting to access /duo (notice the difference?). I have opened a ticket with Duo but the 24Hour turn around (and apparent in-ability of the Support person to understand that if duo is installed at /RDWeb/duo that /duo will not work) is killing me (it’s already been a week and it still doesn’t work). Can anyone here who has it working on 2016 RDWeb give me some hints/ideas on how to get it working?



The Support team has been notified of your inquiry here and will be reaching out regarding your ticket shortly.