RDP via Network Gateway - multiple Gateways?

We have multiple, disconnected networks where we have the DNG installed. We’ve been using the RDP functionality for a while in beta and want to expand it to other networks now that it’s in GA. But I don’t see a way to add another gateway to the Health App on my Mac.

Am I missing something? Is this feature coming soon if it’s not available now?

Hey Kerry!

Multiple DNGs is something that the team is currently tracking with yourself as the first customer to make mention of the requirement as of the feature sets general availability.

We started development of DNG-RDP with the multiple DNG use case in mind but during the Private and Public Previews, multiple DNGs was not something that customers pushed to the top of the priority list.

That being said, we are monitoring the release for this exact reason and we will be taking this feedback to heart. I cannot give an estimate on when the functionality will be released unfortunately but we do already have this tentatively roadmapped with our release goal being to see how the feature set lands in the market in regard to potential gaps, such as this!

In the mean time, you can adjust the target DNG within the Duo Health App. I know this is a less than ideal end user experience but for the time being, that is going to be required until we can release a much better alternative. I’m sorry for the frustration that the end user experience will be providing you when switching target DNGs.

Would you be alright with myself reaching out directly for feedback as we formalize how we will best support the multiple DNG use case?

I was afraid that was the answer. We absolutely love this new function of the DNG.

Yes, I’m happy to help in any way I can to get this feature available. Feel free to reach out when the time is right.

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Hey, just wanted to see if there was any progress on making my dreams a reality on using multiple RDP gateways.

Hey Kerry!

Unfortunately not yet. We’ve had two customers thus far that have expressed interest so my hopes are still high that we can prioritize this in the future!