RDP login hangs


Occasionally when logging into a Windows 10 machine the process hangs. Usually caused by my mobile phone not being online for the push notification, but not always. When that happens I’m greeted with a blank screen showing an inactive duo dialog, or this time a “Please Wait” message.

Normally when that happens I just wait until I get home from work and log in from the desktop which will clear whatever caused the freeze. But I’m out-of-town and it will be another week before I get back. What can I do about this?


I have the same problem, I think mine is triggered by the RDP client on my Mac ‘auto reconnecting’ when I drop in and out of wifi signal, I get random Duo notifications when I’m not using my machine, so I ignore. These requests for approval then layer on each other leading to either a hang at the duo pop screen in RDP (with a red time out message) but can’t be cleared, or stuck at the ‘please wait’ screen. Like you I need a way to clear remotely…

@DUO can you put a fix in to check for timeouts/multiple failed attempts to clear or reset something please?


We have experienced similar issues, and it appears to be random. We have tested with WiFi on/off on the mobile device. We have to cancel the push, and re-send it from time to time if the timeout occurs.

I have noticed that it doesn’t always prompt on the iPhone notifications either, so I tend to keep the DUO app open and they will show up in the app if you don’t get the notification.


You may want to reference our iOS push troubleshooting guide in that case: http://help.duo.com/s/article/2051. There are several different ways to resolve issues with notifications appearing on iOS devices.

We have a guide for Android troubleshooting as well at http://help.duo.com/s/article/2050.