Radius Proxy Issue With WPA Enterprise Wireless Access


Just starting out with DUO, We have setup the DUO Authentication Proxy Manager and it works well with our Windows 2022 server for VPN access.

We are now trying to use it with our existing TPLINK EAP245 WiFi AP’s. We have set them to use WPA Enterprise and given the IP of the proxy server, port 1812 and the secret but when we try to authenticate to the AP it fails and in the logs on the proxy it says Cannot proxy radius requests to this primary authenticator, Try using PAP on the system communicating with the Authentication Proxy. I then says Response code 3 AccessReject

Any guidance would be most appreciated.

Many thanks for your time

Hi jencomp, Welcome to the Duo Community!

The issue here is that generally most WiFi APs tend to use RADIUS MSCHAPv2 rather than PAP. As MSCHAPv2 is encrypted end to end, you will need to use a RADIUS server behind the proxy for authentication.
Although there is no named integration for this the generic RADIUS integration should work.
I recommend reading the following article for configuration and other considerations: