Push Notifications on Android Wear/WearOS

Hi there,

Not totally sure if I’m using the forum correctly but I wanted to throw a small suggestion into the mix. Forgive me for semi-informal terminology since I’m not a developer, but I’ll try to be as specific as possible. Duo Push notifications on phones (understandably) have a “tap to view actions” prompt, presumably meant to avoid accidentally approving a login request while interacting with notifications.

The same prompt appears on Android Wear/WearOS watches. The flow of interacting with notifications on WearOS devices makes this process a little slower than it needs to be.

I wanted to suggest removing the “tap to view actions” prompt on WearOS notifications in favor of a notification with “nested” button prompts to allow or deny the login. WearOS already supports this natively - for example, Gmail will show only the notification details in your WearOS notification bar, but will reveal button prompts to reply or archive an email when you tap the body of the notification.

I appreciate WearOS support being implemented at all, and I think this small change would significantly improve the flow of utilizing Duo Push on watches.