Push notification for RADIUS application authentication


I’m trying to use DUO for second-factor authentication for an application.
The application has a built-in RADIUS client. We are using the RADIUS client to handshake with an on-premise DUO Authentication Proxy, but using the “DUO_Only_Client” configuration since the application already provides primary authentication.

The setup works fine, however instead of receiving a push notification from DUO, the application is prompting for a RADIUS passcode. My device is enrolled for push notifications, and I know it works since I use push notification to authenticate to the DUO admin console and also a separate VPN client. Is it possible I’m not receiving a push notification because the setup is using the “DUO_Only_Client” settings and requires a passcode for the DUO Auth Proxy to verify the user?

Your help is appreciated…


Hi Gary, which type of server section are you using in your authentication proxy configuration?

The client and server section I’m using is [duo_only_client] and [radius_server_duo_only].


[radius_server_duo_only] requires the factor name or a passcode (so you could type push as the passcode to receive the push request on your phone).

Try using [radius_server_auto] with client=duo_only_client for an automatic push.

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Thanks… Setting the configuration to [radius_server_auto] did the trick. I’m now getting push notifications.