Proxy upgrade on windows core

to install or upgrade the proxy software on windows core will the exe work or do i need to run the duoauthproxy- version .exe /S?

Hi @tippet5x ,

This can be accomplished via PowerShell:

Start-Process -FilePath duoauthproxy-latest.exe -Args '/silent /install' -Verb RunAs -Wait;

Does the Duo Authentication Proxy support Windows Core OS?

Hope this helps! Thanks!!

I tried the above PS and it looks like it was running, the install GUI popped up and was processing the install, prompted for a reboot . Did that and then looking at the installed application it still had my old version installed. The duo services wasn’t listed under services either, so i couldnt even force a start.
so in the end i ran the d oauthproxy-latest.exe /s and worked fine.

Thanks for that feedback, @tippet5x ! May I ask which version of the Authentication Proxy you were upgrading from & to? Also, what version of Windows Server Core?