Protection for Man-in-the-middle attacks

How does Duo protect us from Man-in-the-middle or Adversary-in-the-middle attacks?
Any general advices for setting up applications and policies to prevent such attacks?

Hi sigveo,

Duo Security provides 2FA for authentication. As such our services generally assist with preventing MITM attacks related to authentication events only.

Secure MITM resistant 2FA Methods such as, Push and Security Keys are a great way of ensuring your authentications are MITM attack resistant as the 2FA event is out of band with primary authentication.

You can read more below about Duo Push:

I will note that whilst Duo does support OTP as a 2FA method, its implementation is not always out of band, depending on your integration type. If MITM attack resistance is your intent, i would recommend using Duo Push or Security Keys such as a Yubikey for your 2FA method.

Man-in-the-middle attacks are a major security concern for businesses and individuals alike. These types of attacks involve an attacker intercepting communication between two parties, allowing them to access sensitive information or manipulate the data being exchanged. To protect against these threats, organizations should implement strong encryption protocols such as TLS/SSL and use VPNs when sending confidential data over public networks. Additionally, they should also ensure that their systems are regularly patched with the latest security updates in order to reduce the risk of man-in-the middle attacks.