Protecting Windows login: "remember me" for a day

Hello, thanks everyone for your continued interest in this feature! We’re excited to bring this functionality to Duo for Windows Logon and RDP. Unfortunately, the timeline for this is being pushed back a bit. The team working on this encountered a challenge that took longer than expected to resolve, but we are looking forward to getting this out to you as soon as possible! (Timelines being pushed back is one reason we avoid sharing those publicly, so as not to disappoint :wink:)

No, this will apply to Windows Logon and RDP only as far as I am aware.

I will connect with you via PM to verify some details so we can add you to the list :slight_smile:

Anyone else who is interested can be added by contacting Duo Support, your Customer Success Manger, or your Account Executive if you have one. Thanks!

Do we have any update on the feature?

Hey @henryng, thanks for checking on this. We do have an update. This feature is currently being tested in a limited private preview, and looks like it’s on track for release later this year. I can pass your info along to the product manager if you’d like to be considered for the preview.

Please forward my info to the product manager, I will love to preview that.


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I would also like to take part in this testing. This is the only thing stopping me from deploying this on prem instead of just remote.

Thanks for your interest, @JTTheITGuy! I passed your info along to the team as well. Since this is a limited preview, I’m not sure everyone will be able to join, but we will be in touch if you fit the requirements for this.

Hi Amy - I’d be interested in testing this feature as well.
Thank you in advance for letting my account manager know.

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Any update? I was told by support that it would be released this week?

Hi @dgarza, no update yet. We will have an announcement about this coming soon once the preview is available.

I see you are on the list already to be notified, but if anyone else reading would like to be added, please send me your company name and Duo admin email address and I’ll work on getting you added. Thanks!

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Any update on this topic? I am being forced to look for another solution if I can’t get DUO to protect my Windows login with the remember me function on windows login for desktops.

Hi @dgarza, thank you for your continued patience. There is still not an update we can share publicly at this time. However, if you are an existing customer with an NDA in place with us, your account executive, Customer Success Manager, or the Duo Support team may be able to share more details with you before the public announcement.