Problems with RDP app not seeing the enrolled user account


I created a user with phone and confirmed on my iphone with duomobile push, but when i created the rdp app for 2fa, when i try to remote in via rdp, it says there is no account enrolled.

Is anyone else having this problem or maybe steer me in the direction of what I might have missed?



Nevermind - when I was creating the account, I had created it with the “domainname\username” syntax, and it did not require it when I create the user accounts in DUO portal.


Thanks for the update, shartz! Glad you figured it out.

Note that you can define more than one username for your Duo users with our username aliases feature, so the same individual Duo user could log in as “username” and “domain\username”. Learn more about that option here.

Thanks for using Duo!