Problem signing in to MS Teams app on iOS

I have a user experiencing a problem signing in to the SM Teams app on iOS 13.4. Auth is with ADFS, and that goes fine (username, password okay), Duo push is fine (and shows success in the Duo auth logs), then MS Teams gives and error:
“Sign-in Error: Please connect to the internet and try again”. User is connected to the internet (as ADFS auth and Duo challenge actually happen), so that seems misleading.

Anyone seen this or have any insight?


Same issue. Any way to resolve it?

What are you using to authenticate Duo MFA for Microsoft Teams? I am using Duo Single-SignOn (SSO) in conjunction with Duo Access Gateway. I have no issues getting our employees Teams up and running with this combination.

We are using the ADFS integration.


Darn. I haven’t used that because I use Duo Access Gateway/Duo SSO as a replacement for Microsoft AD FS. It is similar to Microsoft AD FS in a way that I have to federate my domain name but Microsoft re-routes my requests to my DAG instead of their AD FS. Good luck getting that resolved.

Hi Andrew, this sounds like an issue for our Duo Support team. Can you please reach out to them and open a case, if you haven’t done so already? They will be happy to troubleshoot this with you further.