Problem between chekpoint and Duo Proxy

When the users of checkpiont remote access VPN try to validate via DUO, you get “RADIUS server not response” in the checkpoint logs.
I have check that the Duo Proxy is up and the connectivity test is ok.
I have made capture with tcpdump in the checkpoint and i see that the firewall is sending the radius request (with the IP i have previouly configured in authproxy.cfg ) but it gets no response.
any idea what might be going on?

thank you!

If you’re having a problem with the Duo Authentication Proxy the first step should be checking the Duo proxy log for clues.

This article describes enabling debug output, and this article is an in-depth guide to interpreting the proxy debug output.

Does the log show the RADIUS requests being sent from the Check Point VPN? Are there any errors?

I have made a capture in the duo proxy and I see that the Radius requests arrive to the proxy but the return of the packets gets the following error:
Destination Unreachable (Port unreachable).
It seems that there is some checkpoint port that is not up. In the checkpoint logs there is no Drop.I don’t know if it is necessary to raise some port in the checkpoint or some additional configuration that is not in the manual.