Powershell Hash table and "-or" query


So I am using the function DUO gave me and trying to do some “-or” queries for the admin logs…cant get it to work…the parameters are basically a hash table

if I try multiple queries, the throttling kicks in and kills the script…thoughts?

here is an example of the data I am trying to get, and according to the API, I should be able to do an “OR” query…just no clue how

$rawdisableddata = (Invoke-DuoMethod -Ikey $ikey -Skey $skey -host $Uri -Method get -path “/admin/v2/logs/authentication” -Params `

$rawbadpasscodedata = (Invoke-DuoMethod -Ikey $ikey -Skey $skey -host $Uri -Method get -path “/admin/v2/logs/authentication” -Params `

$rawnoresponsedata = (Invoke-DuoMethod -Ikey $ikey -Skey $skey -host $Uri -Method get -path “/admin/v2/logs/authentication” -Params `

$rawnokeypresseddata = (Invoke-DuoMethod -Ikey $ikey -Skey $skey -host $Uri -Method get -path “/admin/v2/logs/authentication” -Params `