Possible to require DUO to login?


I must just be missing this…I’ve scrolled through here and don’t see it so let me ask: We have DUO working as advertised on all of our desktops. So far, so good.

My question is this - if you don’t install the DUO software on an endpoint then you don’t need it to login. Is there a way to tell the server (via AD or GPO maybe) to REQUIRE DUO authentication to allow logon?


Hey Andrew,
Please check out our Policy & Control documentation to see how the New User Policy can require new users to enroll or deny authentication entirely for un-enrolled users: Policy & Control | Duo Security.

Although it’s important to note in this case that Duo Authentication for Windows Logon doesn’t support inline self-service enrollment. We recommend using bulk enrollment to send your users unique self-enrollment links via email.