Policies: List of current dynamic versions

In a policy where we have Duo checking version numbers of Operating Systems, and we’ve chosen ones that are “Dynamically updated by Duo”, is there a knowledge base article or such that lists the current version numbers? (Same would apply to current versions of browsers and plugins.) We’re looking for a reference to use in our internal docs.

I’ve found lists within the Admin Console’s “Device Insight” page but having to repeatedly check and manually copy out the values somewhat lessens the value of the dynamic selection.

Hi pgp, at this time there is not a KB article that provides that kind of information. The Device Insight page and Policy Editor are currently the best places to find up-to-date info on that.

How would I go about formally requesting a KB article?

Posting here is probably your best bet, since our team also manages the KB.

We started discussing a KB article along the lines you suggested this morning. We will raise the issue with our engineering team, but we’re not sure how feasible such an article is given how frequently it will need to be updated.

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