/ping "liveness check" fails


The /ping endpoint acts as a “liveness check” that can be called to verify that Duo is up before trying to call other Auth API endpoints. Unlike the other endpoints, this one does not have to be signed with the Authorization header.

we made a simple call to:


and get a response of

{“code”: 40401, “message”: “Resource not found”, “stat”: “FAIL”}

Any simple advice? I can’t think of a more basic call than to see if DUO is running?

So the documentation is incorrect, the ping does require headers.
if that helps anyone else, great!

Have a great day

Hi @tomkat ,

I just tested the /ping endpoint using Postman and it works without Authorization Headers. You might try to navigate to your Duo tenant URL in a browser (https://api-*** a .duosecurity.com/auth/v2/ping) and also try without your specific Duo DNS name as mentioned in https://help.duo.com/s/article/1336.

Hope this helps!

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My esteemed colleague @DuoPablo’s suggestion is a good one. I just wanted to add that if you did include the trailing slash shown in the original post, that does indeed fail.

/auth/v2/ping = 200 OK
/auth/v2/ping/ = 40401


Thank you my friend, the trailing / was the issue!

It is always the simple things that suck the life out of you LOL