Palo Alto Panorama Access with SAML


The DUO instructions are a little confusing on whether I need to use DAG or if I can use AD FS. I’d rather use AD FS if possible. If I use AD FS, would the MFA be handled by the setup process for AD FS?

By the way, does DUO protect the CLI access to Panorama?

  1. You can use DAG or AD FS or any SAML IdP with Palo Alto Panorama. Duo provides MFA natively in the our Access Gateway product, and we also have integrations for many popular IdPs.

  2. If you use AD FS you can install [Duo’s MFA plugin for AD FS](Microsoft AD FS 3 and 4 | Duo Security.

  3. No, Duo’s SAML MFA solution does not protect CLI access.