Packaged Device Management Portal


I couldn’t find a feature request / enhancement section in the community, so please move this if needed.

We’re currently using the Duo Access Gateway (DAG) as a way to offer device management, even though we don’t have any Duo web apps that can work in the DAG. So it’s kind of a confusing workflow, to not actually login to the DAG which is empty, but instead click to manage devices during the login process. We made an attempt at creating our own Device Management Portal using the guides, but we aren’t developers so it didn’t work out.

Can there be a pre-packaged Device management Portal, just like how the DAG and Network Gateway don’t require developing your own app? The DAG login and device management piece, but leaving out the application portal after logging in. A docker container the same as the other apps would be fine.


Please contact your customer success manager, account exec, or Duo Support to submit a feature request.


I suggested it to Duo support before, but I thought that putting it in the community might spark a discussion with others that would also find it useful. I’m surprised that it doesn’t already exist since all the functionality is in other Duo apps such as the DAG, just with more on top. There must be other companies that are not able to develop their own sites for this, and that only use non-web apps without the self-service feature like us.


I agree this would is an extremely useful idea… I’m not a web developer and though I’ve managed to quickly learn some code and build a standard AD integrated “primary” login page, I am lost as to how to integrate the DMP into it for the second part of auth. The instructions for setting up the DMP are not very good. If I find a quick solution I’ll make a post with the results. I am trying to get the DMP setup this week!!! ahhhhhhhh!