OWA Prerequisites

First time using Duo

I’m not clear about the Prerequisites part of the Install for OWA

The .NET and other tools are installed where ?
On the Exchange Server ?
On the system logged into Duo for Administration ?



I expect they are installed on the exchange server servicing OWA.

Keep the below in mind:

Duo’s two-factor solution for OWA 2010 reached its end of support on February 15, 2021. Microsoft Exchange 2010 reached the end of support on October 13, 2020. Do not attempt to install Duo’s OWA application for Exchange 2013 and later on an Exchange 2010 server. Plan your migration to a supported Exchange version.

Hi Steve! Great question, and I see that we don’t have this documented anywhere, so I will be adding a help article to our knowledge base so others can find the anwer in the future :slight_smile: Thanks for raising this here!

@mpaine is correct. You can install the prerequisites on any Microsoft Exchange server with the “Client Access Server” role or “Client Access services” installed.

Thanks - it as just a bit ambiguous