Outlook iOS App 'out of date' on iOS 12.2 beta


We’re just starting to roll out Duo and have an odd case.
One user has a phone running the iOS Beta builds with the Outlook app. Outlook is version 3.13.0 which is the latest.

Duo sees his device as running iOS 12.2.

When he tries to authenticate inside the Outlook app, he gets an error that his software is out of date, but tapping for more information gives him a blank box with no content.

The Duo reports page shows his authentication blocked as ‘Platform Restricted’ but I can’t see why.

He can successfully authenticate using Outlook via Safari.

Are there issues with running beta builds of iOS with Duo?


Hi Ed,

I discussed this issue with our development team, and it appears to be more likely an issue with the Outlook app itself not working correctly with the Duo Prompt rather than the iOS beta build causing any issues. It is worth noting we do not officially support our Duo Mobile app on preview version of iOS, but again, the iOS verion does not appear to not be the issue here.

Could you please open a support case so that our team can troubleshoot this issue with you? Providing the username affected by this when you reach out to support would be extremely helpful.


Thank you Dooley! I had someone else just approach me with this issue on regular 12.1.4 so I will raise a case now.


Sure thing. Please come back and keep us updated if there are any solutions you feel comfortable sharing publicly.


For now we’ve disabled the version checking, which has successfully worked around the problem.
Once a fix is in place we’ll be able to re-enable this.


Thanks for sharing that update, Ed!