Organizing USERS (when you use AD Sync)

purely for my sanity, it seems to me that the USERS section would be more manageable if I could move users into a folder, so that if I need to work with a user in a particular school, I can click on that school’s folder and then roll through that group, as opposed to the long list of everyone

or am I missing this feature?

Hi @jwhalen ,

You could do this using Sync Groups. This methodology would mirror your AD security group schema in that, if you have users in a particular AD group that maps to a school, you can sync in these users along with their group membership. Then, when you navigate to Groups in the Duo Admin Panel, they will be organized by their respective AD security group.

If you do not sync your Duo users in via Directory Sync, then you can manually create Duo Groups and organize your users that way.

If this doesn’t sound like a feasible approach, please share this and any future feature requests with your Duo Account Executive, Customer Success Manager (if applicable), or our Support Team.

Hope this helps!