Oops something went wrong

Hi all,
Wonder if anyone can assist with an issue we’re having?

The issue is, after inputting our username and password on our organisation sign in page, we receive a ‘Oops something went wrong’ message from DUO.
This is intermittent, affects different users on different days, seems to resolve itself after a while (hours / days).
For example, my account has been affected for the last hour, now it is fine. No config changes, log offs or anything required. It just suddenly starts working again.

The issue affects anything that requires a DUO login. So it will affect Outlook client. It will affect accessing outlook.office.com via a web browser – testing both in and out of the corporate network. Different computers, different browsers (Chrome, IE, Opera).

Once this happens, we have no way to fix it and no way of allowing our users to access their email.

At this stage we’ve only protected our Office 365 accounts. We have a hosted AD and Federated with Office 365.

As a test, I created a policy to protect a Citrix app. This seems to work fine, even when I cannot access office apps.

Since I can rule out a user account, a PC or server, a network connection, a browser I am assuming the issue lies with either our Duo access gateway or Office 365 somewhere?

Any help appreciated.

Hi @MNNN, The “Oops! Something went wrong” DAG error can have a variety of causes depending on your exact situation. I’d start with looking through some of the help articles to see if any apply to you.

It would also help to enable debug logging for Duo Access Gateway, if you have not already, and refer to the guide on how to interpret and troubleshoot DAG debug logs to better pinpoint what’s going on here.

Duo Support can assist you with troubleshooting this as well!

I would also highly recommended starting the move from the Duo Access Gateway to Duo SSO as the DAG will be hitting it’s end of life in ~ 1 year: https://help.duo.com/s/article/7486?language=en_US

Duo SSO’s integration for M365 (O365) solved a significant number of issues present in the DAG’s integration: Duo Single Sign-On for Microsoft 365 | Duo Security

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