OnePlus 3 encryption not detected?


I have a OnePlus 3 (not the “T” ;] ) and while everything works fine, the app claims that the phone is not encrypted - however it comes encrypted by default.

I’m wondering if it’s just not being detected correctly somehow.

It doesn’t seem to be affecting any functionality, however it just shows up as a mildly annoying reminder that I have a device issue whenever I open the app.

Wondering if there’s anything at all I can do about this…


Could you please try enabling password, pin, or pattern upon device startup and see if this resolves the issue? This is a fairly common solution for this issue on Android devices as documented in our knowledge base here: Thanks!


Sure enough, that did it thanks! Sorry I didn’t manage to find that article
on my own! ;]


Great! Thanks for letting me know. I’ll add some OnePlus-specific keywords to that article to hopefully make it easier for others to find.