OneDrive as a backup/restore service?

One of our suppliers wants to start using Duo as a 2FA into one of our environment. I’m currently in testing and shocked the only backup process on Android is Google Drive.

Are there plans to enable OneDrive for Business down the road as an option for backups/restore?

I’m going to ask them to hold off since it always prompts the user upon logging in to backup to Google, yet we just moved away last year from Google and are fully 365.

It would great, if there isn’t already, a roadmap of features Duo is developing.

Hi Slack, Welcome to the Duo community.
We do not support OneDrive backup at this time.
The intent here is to back up to the relevant individual user Mobile OS appstore space, without giving end users explicit access to their backup files in order to prevent these being compromised. Especially in a situation such as OneDrive where these are stored centrally for all your company users.

Given we support iOS and Android for Duo Mobile only. If you back up on either of these devices, your backup will go to that respective appstore space and the files will not be accessible to the end user directly outside of Duo Mobile.

When reinstalling Duo Mobile on a new device the user would be able to use their personal iCloud/Google account and Duo Mobile recovery password combination to unlock their restored application backup on their new device.

I will note that you can choose not to allow company Duo protected activations to back up at all, given these can easily be recreated from the Admin Panel with the assistance of your helpdesk, should anyone replace their device for any reason.