One login in 2 servers

i have 2 servers and 1 user name (admin). Its works good, but i cant identificate server when i get request on my phone. How can i get a server name in request or in logs on panel?

You can create separate Duo applications for each server, giving each the name that makes sense to you, and use the unique information to install on each server.

In the same vein, here’s my issue with Duo DAG/SSO. I have 3 Microsoft 365 accounts under one Outlook profile. Before Duo, I normally enter username and password for each of the 3 accounts. Now, with DAG/SSO, I can see the SSO prompt but it doesn’t indicate for which MS365 account, especially when you first open Outlook and don’t know which account is requesting MFA. So, I guessed the first account. But, I get the 2nd prompt again, for the next account OR because the first entry failed, e.g., bad password or wrong account. I wish it would show for which account the SSO is showing. I think that is what @Ones_Twos’ issue was all about, and I’m in the same boat. I’m not sure that the solution you offered is going to work for DAG.