One computer disconnects RDP after DUO authentication

We have one pc that once we:

Use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to \server
the DUO app launches (able to stay connected on this screen)
we complete 2fa
we get past DUO and see desktop
it immediately disconnects.

This is happening only on one PC. If I use the same AD user and DUO account on ANY other PC, it works fine. Also it happens to ANY user on this PC. Once we disable DUO, it works fine, stays connected with RDP

So it’s definitely an issue with this PC/this PC interaction with DUO. We have reinstalled duo, RDP is current, all Windows updates are current on client/server, all Dell update are current.

Any suggestions?


Is it taking more than a minute to finish primary and secondary authentication? It may be reaching the timeout on that computer. Take a look at When logging in via Remote Desktop, my authentication is accepted but the Remote Desktop session is disconnected. How do I fix this? in our documentation.

No, it doesn’t disconnect until after we enter the code/push and duo lets us on

It doesn’t matter how long we stay at the DUO screen, 1 sec or 1 min it doesn’t disconnect until AFTER we are past it.

It works from all other PCs in the office except this ONE. It doesn’t matter what login I use, it happens on this PC for all users.

I will try the regedit, now… illetl you know

I set up the dword on the client pc and set it for 90, same issue. I tried setting it up 32 and 64 bit

Set it up on the server too, same issue

The Duo application for Windows logon is only active during authentication. Once the 2FA response completes Duo isn’t doing anything anymore, until the next time the Duo credential provider gets invoked by login, workstation unlock, or elevation request (if configured to do so).

Have you examined the Application, Security, and Microsoft-Windows-TerminalServices* logs in the Windows Event Viewer to see if there are any informational or error messages that might explain why Windows disconnects the remote client connection?

You could also contact Duo Support for troubleshooting assistance.

I guess I don’t understand why when I disable DUO, it connects and stays connected… It’s not until DUO in enabled that this happened.

Neither do I!

It sounds like it’s something about this specific computer, since you said others were working. Check the event viewer on that computer to see if there are any clues. Contact Duo Support if you want 1:1 troubleshooting.