One application multiple Duo company accounts?


Can we setup RDS access on one computer using one company accounts with users, but have another company with different users have access to an account?

Like if Company A has 30 employees and Duo all setup for remote access, then Company B has 10 users that services software on that server and many other companies, can they use their DUO account thats setup as an application on their DUO company with a username that matches? Or does Company B have to have add all their users to Company A’s account?
It looks like you can only have one set of API keys.


Sorry, no. As you observed, the Duo install can only take one set of integration keys and one API host name. The Company B users will need to get created in Company A’s account if they need to access the same RDS server.

You could set up a separate RDW or RDG server for Company B access and use a different integration there.