On Prem DUO Authentication server

Not sure what category to put this in
Has anyone ever investigated the possibility on an On Prem authentication server?
DUO Authentication servers go down. All of our Remote VPN users cannot connect due to this.

Is there a way to host your own authentication server as a secondary?

I know that DUO has a 99% up time. I have seen it go down before and it was down for like 3 hrs.
Is there way to have an On Prem server to process the logins if this ever happens?
My thought is more along the lines of DUO ending up like the most recent cyber attack on Colonial Pipeline.
This could take down some big companies given the fact so many users work remotely now.

Any thoughts are much appreciated,


Thanks for your thoughts. I’d suggest you read through the Duo Guide to Business Continuity Preparedness to learn how to maintain access to your applications in the rare event there are issues with Duo’s service. If you choose Duo configurations that include fail-mode options, you have more control around the login process.