OIDC Support in Duo SSO - Available in Early Access!

:wave: Hi everyone,

I wanted to pop in here to announce that support for OIDC and OAuth 2.0 in Duo SSO will begin rolling out to customers starting on December 1st.

Take a look at our announcement blog + share with your friends and network! β†’ OpenID Connect (OIDC) Support in Duo SSO in Early Access | Duo Security

Starting in our D255 release (December 1st), we will be adding 3 new integration types to the product. You can read more in the documentation linked below:

Generic OIDC Relying Party - Protect web-based applications using the OIDC Authorization Code Flow. We have early access customers protecting applications including DNSFilter and Datto!

OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials - Generate Access Tokens for Machine-to-Machine Authorization

Epic Mobile Applications - Enables customers to protect login and EPCS workflows in Epic’s Haiku, Canto, and Rover mobile applications.

There is much more to come around Duo SSO’s support for OIDC and OAuth 2.0, both leading up to GA and after with Refresh Token Support and AuthCode + PKCE in the pipe!

If you have any feedback during the Early Access period, please let us know or feel free to fill out the Feedback Form.

– Colin


Hi @cmedfischduo - this is great news! Will the Duo SSO Early Access program also be available to users on Duo’s Federal edition?

Hi @MichelleInProduct!

Not just yet. Duo SSO is currently only available for commercial customers.

– Colin

Thank you - would love to be kept in the loop for when it is available for fed.