Offline Enrollment

Hi all.

I have a user that is using DUO Windows Logon and has already signed up for offline access on their workstation. When they unlock their workstation they get prompted to enroll for an offline code. They have already done this and no matter how many times they go through the process, it still prompts each time. Any ideas?

Hi @johwoo, which version of Duo Authentication for Windows Logon do you have installed? If you need help determining this, you can follow the steps in this article to identify which version you have. There was an issue prior to version 4.0.6 where users were prompted to enroll in Offlice Access again after changing an AD password. If this doesn’t apply in your scenario, I would check to ensure the time on both the authentication and access devices are correctly set and synced.

For further troubleshooting with this, you may want to reach out to Duo Support and provide your authentication logs.

We have run into this issue as well and we are using Duo Authentication for windows version 4.1.3. The user that saw the effect setup their offline access a second time and so far it seems to have stuck. The last time it occurred it took a week for the offline activation to be forgotten so we are waiting to see if it happens again. In our case it was on a Win 2016 server.

Thanks for the reply Amy. We are currently using version I see that version 4.2.0 has now been released. I might try installing this update to see if this helps.

I will also check to make sure the times are synced, although I’m sure that they are.

Thank you. Always nice to hear that someone else is experiencing the same issue. Unfortunately for us, it never seems to stick. It still asks to setup the offline access every time they login or unlock, no matter how many times they set it up.

Hmm ok, I would advise contacting Duo Support for this then. They can do some more advanced troubleshooting with you and take a look at your logs etc. to figure out what’s going on.

We opened a ticket yesterday and captured logs. We haven’t heard back yet

I’ll be interested to see what they say.