Offline Enrollment report

The outage today has highlighted something for us. Some users do not have offline codes setup. Is there a way to run a report or some other way to determine which users have not enrolled for an offline code?

Thank you.

Hi @johwoo, thanks for sharing your question here in the Community! If I understand you correctly, you’re asking about bypass codes that are created by an administrator and used as “backup codes,” so that enrolled users who are having problems with their mobile devices (e.g., mobile service is disrupted, the device is lost or stolen, etc.) or who temporarily can’t use their enrolled devices (on a plane without mobile data services) can still access their Duo-protected systems.

There is not currently a report in the Duo Admin Panel that will let you get this information, and I’m not sure of a good workaround to accomplish this. However, you can view users who have bypass codes from the Users pane in the Duo Admin Panel. See Viewing and Deleting bypass codes in our documentation here.

If you are asking for a report of users who have or have not not set up offline access for Windows, there is not a way to view a given user’s offline enrollment or a canned report for this either.

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