Offline access / iPhone 13 setup

Trying to setup offline access for a laptop on the Duo client and having issues with the iPhone 13 not being able to take a picture of the QR code. Has anyone seen this, failing on 2 different iPhone 13’s. Android and other iPhones can read the same QR code and finish the process.

So i found a user running Duo on the iPhone 13 and she can setup an offline account.
The iPhone 13’s not working are

Hi @ScottPWard, welcome to the Duo Community! Thank you for reaching out here, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty setting up Windows Offline access with Duo Mobile on an iPhone 13. Our team was not able to replicate this issue so far. We tried adding a Windows Offline account from our end with an iPhone 13, and it worked. Can you please contact Duo Support for more advanced troubleshooting with this? They’ll be able to walk you through identifying what’s wrong much faster than we can here in the Community, and they are also able to capture screenshots or document what exactly is going on to log it as a formal issue with the engineering team if there is a bug.

The issue seems to have been related to I just got an update to 4.4.X.X and it works now on our different devices.

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Glad to hear this is working for you now! Thanks for the update.