Numlock disabled on Windows startup

Weird issue,

Every time we boot up a computer that has DUO on it, the num lock gets disabled on the keyboard. Computers that don’t have DUO, either personal or just not at that stage of deployment, yet, do not have this issue.

Has anyone else experienced something similar?

To replicate, have DUO installed on a PC. Make sure num lock is enabled on your keyboard, restart your PC, watch as num lock gets disabled when you get to the login screen.

Hi @cpescatore,

Thanks for getting in touch. We haven’t had any reports of this issue.

Duo does not have any sort of control over the keyboard when it is prompting for secondary authentication. The only thing that Duo affects is the login process itself.

There are some articles online about the Num Lock key being intermittently toggled off, so it seems that this could be something on the Windows end.