November 2021: What’s new with the Universal Prompt?

It’s been a few weeks since our last update on what’s new with the Universal Prompt, our visual and technical redesign of Duo’s familiar browser-based authentication prompt.

Here’s what we have recently added during the ongoing public preview of the redesigned prompt:

  • Device health: Added workflows related to security posture verification provided by the Duo Device Health application.
  • Device reactivation: Added an “I have a new phone” link in the new self-service portal experience to allow end-users to reactivate a device that was previously enrolled and activated with Duo Mobile.
  • Nudge to enroll a second authentication factor: Added a new step in the self-enrollment workflow that encourages users to add a second authentication factor in order to have a backup method for logging in. This is a usability improvement from the traditional in-line enrollment experience and is useful for end-users who may enroll a device-based method (like TouchID) and nothing else. Available authentication factors are still based on the configured authentication methods policy, as in the traditional Duo Prompt.

In addition, the Universal Prompt currently supports:

  • MFA edition policies.
  • The ability to add a custom logo to the prompt.
  • Spanish and Japanese, in addition to the existing support for English, German, and French. Note: Language choice in the Universal Prompt is based on the end-user’s preference from the OS or browser and is not configured by the Duo administrator.

For now, other Duo Access and Duo Beyond edition features, such as messaging and workflows associated with device remediation and Trusted Endpoints, will fall back to the traditional Duo Prompt UI in order to complete policy workflows.

Check out our documentation for more details on what is available now and as a future update.

For an overview of the Universal Prompt and related changes in Duo’s product, refer to our guide for Duo administrators. To see the end-user experience with the Universal Prompt, see our end-user guide.

What’s on the horizon?

We’re really close to offering expanded custom branding options, including the ability to set a custom color or background image for the new prompt. Check the Duo Release Notes to see when this feature is released.

What do you think about the additions we’ve made to the Universal Prompt? Let us know in the comments.