Notifying a specific email address for lockouts

Anyone know if it is possible to put multiple email addresses in the Alert email section for "Notify a specific email address: ", perhaps comma or semi-colon delimited?

Specifying all admins or just one email is not a great choice. And setting up a distribution list for this purpose in a provider / customer scenario equally doesn’t fit well.



Hi @Mark_H, currently this is not possible in Duo. In the field for Notify a specific email address, you can only enter a single email address.

Our recommendation is typically to create an email distribution group that includes all the stakeholders you want to notify and add that email address in the Lockout and Fraud settings of the Duo Admin Panel. However, you mentioned this would not fit well for your scenario. Out of curiosity, can you provide more context as to why the available options aren’t sufficient for you?

It’s also worth noting that we have a feature request for this functionality. Please talk to Duo Support or your Customer Success Manager or Account Executive (if applicable) about getting added to the request.

If you configue multiple admins you can use the option "Notify all admins "

The reason being that both the customer and ourselves have admin logins for the account so maintaining a joint distribution list is more problematic.

HI Paulo - the problem is that it is either one admin or all admins, nothing in between.