Notgetting 2fa prompts from RADIUS logins

Hello I ma setting up DUP 2FA on A cisco catalyst. I have deployed Microsoft NPS. I can login to the switch using RADIUS and it works no issues. I installed the DUO Auth proxy on the NPS server and did all the configuration. However I do not get any MFA prompt from DUO. What did I miss?

Hi @dirkdigs, it’s hard to tell what’s going on here without seeing your configuration and the exact steps you took. (We don’t recommend sharing that information on the Duo Community, by the way, as it contains information specific to your integration that should not be shared publicly!). For something like this, I’d recommend working with Duo Support, as they are better able to assist you in troubleshooting. You can also try following the Duo Authentication Proxy troubleshooting steps here.