not getting Push Notifications on Apple Watch



I’m not getting Push notifications to a new Apple Watch 3 Series running watchOS 5. The Push notification is going to my iPhone 6.

iPhone is running iOS 12 and the Watch is running watchOS 5. Duo app is

What have I done? Uninstalled and reinstalled watch app. Restarted phone and watch. Unpaired and re-paired watch to phone.

My thoughts? Coworkers are getting Push notifications and they have not updated to watchOS 5. Hmmm.


Hi there, have you tried using the suggestions laid out in this article?

You also may want to double check Watch App > Notifications and ensure that notifications from Duo Mobile are turned on.

Let me know if any of these resolve your issues.


Thank you, fixed.

I was assuming I needed to check notifications on the Watch app. Once I turned on Duo notifications on the phone, the Push notifications started working.



Cool, glad to hear it.