No window for user name password on Windows 10

It has been multiple times since we have faced the following issue.

We open the Windows 10 machine where DUO is already installed. The machines boots but gets stuck at screen where username/password is about to come on Windows screen. CTRL + ALT + DELETE even not work at that moment. Since Windows credentials box does not come we can not do any action further to enter the password or to wait for DUO push screen which comes after entering the password.

The only solution to come out of this situation is to go to Safe mode boot on Windows and disable and uninstall Duo and come back to normal mode and log in again and then reinstall DUO to make DUO working.

Is there any permanent fix for it because we can not keep on uninstalling and installing the DUO in between the safe and normal boot mode? We already have the paid account with you.


Hi Raghav,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some trouble with Duo Authentication for Windows Logon. Based on what you’ve shared here, it sounds like this may be related to a known issue with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (version 1709) released 10/17/17. As a temporary workaround, you can whitelist the Windows Live credential provider, which restores the login prompt for Microsoft and accounts. Please note that with this workaround, Microsoft and account users log in without Duo 2FA! Domain and local accounts still require Duo authentication.