No PUSH for logging in to


I’ve got DuoMobile/Android PUSH working with numerous sites.

When I attempt to login to the site itself, I’m given 3 options @ the “Confirm Your Identity” step:

(1) DuoPush
(2) SMS
(3) Call

(2) & (3) work fine.

But DuoPush, once selected/clicked never actually sends a Push – the item simply is selected/grayed-out, with label “Sending …” and never progresses/completes.

What needs to be done to get DuoPush working on itself?


Hey there @PGNd,

Did Duo Push ever work for you when logging into the Duo Admin Panel?

If not, or if you recently got a new phone you might need to activate push for your administrator user by following our docs here:

Let me know if you have any other questions!

– Jamie