No permitted email domains have been verified (AD Authentication Sources)

Hello Dear Team,
I have the next problem:
No permitted email domains have been verified. Please verify at least one permitted email domain.
What should i do for resolve it? I am using virtual machine with Windows 2016 and AD role (domain.loc) + SMTP role

Thanks and be well

Hey there @Dasty,

Duo SSO requires e-mail domains being typed into Duo SSO are verified via DNS first. Please see Duo Single Sign-On | Duo Security.

Dear @jamie Jamie, I read it but… I do not understand that I must to do,
I am preparing demo environment I would like to use DUO for 2FA tool, for this env I am using Virtual Machine with Windows + AD + my main system
In your docs I saw mention about:

  • Akamai EdgeDNS
  • AWS Route53
  • Azure
  • CloudFlare
  • Google Cloud
  • Google Domains
  • GoDaddy

… Please to kick me on the right way, Should i registered my domain.loc in one of these services?

Thanks and be well!