No notifications from Apple Watch after iOS 13 update?

FYI: I just updated my iPhone to iOS 13.1 and I did not need to perform these steps again. Phew!

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Hey everyone, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Based on your feedback and our investigations, we have determined that the best way to resolve this issue with iOS 13.0 devices paired with an Apple Watch is to update your iOS device to 13.1 and your Apple Watch to WatchOS 6.

If these issues persist, try the solutions listed in our iOS Push Troubleshooting Guide.

If any of these suggestions fail to resolve your issues, try the following:

  1. Power off your watch.
  2. Power off your phone.
  3. Power on your phone.
  4. Power on your watch.
  5. Attempt an authentication to send yourself a push and verify whether this resolved the issue.

There are more suggestions provided in this Duo Knowledge Base article:

Thanks again for raising this issue.


I experienced something similar to this issue today after switching phones to a new iPhone 11. Things were working with iOS 13.1 and Watch OS 6 on the other iPhone.

The Duo App on my watch was saying there were no accounts and to open the Duo Mobile App.

Rebooting both the iPhone and the Watch did not immediately fix it. However, after doing that, I then toggled Bluetooth on/off on my iPhone. THEN the Duo accounts on my iPhone appeared on my Watch and I started receiving notifications. So, I’m not sure if I could have just toggled Bluetooth on/off to begin with (without rebooting the Watch and Phone) or…

This worked for me. Thanks!

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