No DUO prompt for Mobile Phone Email Apps

We have enabled Microsoft OWA Application within DUO. It works only for OWA for computer users. However, Phone users (Apple & Android) can still access company webmail without being prompted for DUO 2FA, using the built-in email app or any app on App Store or Play Store.
I understand this is a limitation of DUO’s Microsoft OWA Application, but just wondering what others are using to address this situation.

Are you able to use DAG instead of DUO for OWA? With my DAG, I enabled Office 365 protection and it prompted me once to enter my credentials via DAG. After that, no longer prompts but too soon to tell if it’ll re-prompt after a certain amount of time has passed, e.g., 90 days.

Is “DAG” another/alternative application offered by DUO? Btw we’re not on O365. We’re running Exch 2010.

DAG works with multiple applications, e.g., O365, LastPass, 3rd-party authentications (e.g., Google Authentication), many more.

Hi there @aalborz,

This section from our OWA FAQ might help you: