No DUO notification when accessing Dropbox?

Hi, I added my Dropbox account to my DUO app. I was expecting to be notified on my Android phone of a request to authorize access to my Dropbox but instead of that, the Dropbox tells me to open my DUO mobile app and to type in a code, this is not handy, any way to just have a notification and click on accept like I do for my other applications ?

Hi @patrickemin,

Did you add Dropbox to Duo Mobile on your phone by logging into Dropbox and enabling two-step authentication as described here, where you scanned a QR code shown in Dropbox with the Duo Mobile app? That adds Dropbox to Duo Mobile as a “third-party account”, and it is correct that you would then use Duo Mobile to generate a passcode that you type into the Dropbox login. That experience is described more fully in our guide to third-party accounts.

The full Duo Push experience requires a Dropbox Business Advanced or Enterprise plan, where the Dropbox admin has configured single sign-on with a SAML identity provider that supports Duo.

So, if this is your personal Dropbox account, one-time passcodes are how you’ll log in. If you are using a company Dropbox account, you can get in touch with your IT team that manages Dropbox and suggest they implement single sign-on for Dropbox so users can have the tap-to-approve login experience.


Yes I am in that configuration, that explains all , thanks.

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