New to multifactor authentication

I am new to the implementation of multifactor authentication in a small business. I have been reading what I can about DUO. Is there any specific hardware that I would need in order to role this out? I have a small Financial/insurance services company of fewer than 100 employees.

Hey @m2weber,

Thanks for looking into Duo! No hardware purchased from us. Users can get enrolled into Duo using the Duo Mobile app on their phones.

Depending on what you plan to protect there might be some different software that needs to be installed on servers.

Can you tell me more about what services & systems you’re looking to protect with Duo?

Jamie thank you for responding. Right now it’s a mix of both on premise and cloud servers. We use a custom app that allows clients to be able to sign in and view their financials and other services that we offer. My big concern is will this work for both my employees and my clients when they are signing into this app on our webserver?

For the servers we’d need to know more about what you’d want to protect for them. You’d be able to protect actually logging into the servers themselves by installing Duo Authentication for Windows Logon and RDP | Duo Security or Duo Unix - Two-Factor Authentication for SSH with PAM Support (pam_duo). We also have a wide variety of integrations for application services that might be running on those servers.

For your custom app, we are typically used to protect your employees and not clients. You could possibly do it but you’d be paying for and managing those users inside of your Duo Admin Panel. In terms of adding Duo into your custom app we offer a bunch of different SDKs that can be used to integrate our Duo Prompt or you can use our AuthAPI to allow you to build out your own interface for you app.

Thank you for responding to me I appreciate it.

@jamie Need to figure out how to set up DUO MFA with Salesforce and how to set up Salesforce with DUO MFA?
Also, does DUO MFA require authentication if IP restriction is enforced?