New Iphone recovery acoount duo

Hello, i have a new iphone and can not use the duo app, because the recovery account does not work. my old iphone is not working. what can i do?

Best chris

Hi Chris, when you say the recovery account doesn’t work, do you mean you aren’t able to restore your accounts following the process for Duo Restore? Did you try restoring from an iCloud backup?

Also, it would help to know which type of accounts you are using with Duo Mobile. For help regaining access to work or school accounts, your IT admin or help desk can assist with this. If it’s a third-party account like Instagram, you’ll need to contact the service provider directly and work with their support team.

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@Amy Hello Amy, third-party acct like the Instagram support team keeps saying “your 2FA has been removed” which isn’t. It keeps asking me for Duo mobile security code and my new phone does not generate that can pass the Instagram 2FA.

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