New guide for Duo administrators: The Universal Prompt Playbook

Hello everyone!

By now, you may have heard a bit about the Duo Universal Prompt. I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to a new resource for Duo administrators to help you plan for the eventual rollout of the Universal Prompt, which is currently in development.

The Universal Prompt Playbook is our latest guide for Duo administrators. It includes resources for planning and executing your rollout of the Universal Prompt and related product changes.

The Playbook includes:

  • An overview of the different components of the Universal Prompt Project.
  • Tips and ideas for planning for the eventual rollout of the Universal Prompt, including what you can do today to get ready.
  • Templates you can use to educate your end-users and internal stakeholders about these changes.

Please note that the Playbook is not intended as comprehensive technical documentation. Check out the official documentation for the Universal Prompt Project on Duo’s website.

You can download the Playbook and related templates in the Duo Knowledge Base.

The Universal Prompt UI is currently in the private preview phase of development. If you are interested in participating in a private preview of the Universal Prompt experience, apply using this form.

Questions or feedback about these resources? We’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

Hello Kelly,

I was interested in participating in the Universal Prompt experience if it’s still available. I clicked the link to apply but I was blocked as it looks like it takes you to a google doc. If it is still available and you need more participants could you email me the form?




Hi Kristina,

Thanks for your interest in the Duo Universal Prompt! Kelly told me she already reached out to you and connected you with the right people to get set up. Just dropping a note here so that others know you were helped :slight_smile:
Please let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you!

We have settled on DUO specifically for workstation & server MFA (through the Microsoft RDP Integration). Most of the documentation I have seen is concentrated on the Web UI features of Duo Universal Prompt. Is there any guidance for those of us that use the Microsoft RDP interfaces?

We are currently deploying it for Win Logon and Mac Logon. Happy to have a call with you on what we have going so far and some of the gotchas if you are interested.


Sure! I’ll reach out via DM.

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Hi cachete22,

Thanks for asking about this! Check out our documentation for more details about the scope of application support for the Universal Prompt: Duo Universal Prompt Update Guide | Duo Security

Duo for Windows Logon and RDP technically does not use the interactive web-based Duo Prompt today, and will not be in scope for the Universal Prompt. That integration will continue to use the authentication UI you see in our video and docs here: Duo Authentication for Windows Logon and RDP | Duo Security

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have other questions.

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I tried to apply for testing the Universal Prompt a while back but the page kept erroring. I’m the main Duo Admin for our MSSP and I was wondering if we’d be able to test this on our NFR account so we can know what to expect for our users?

Hi Jonathan!

I’m sorry you had trouble using the signup form. I’ll follow up with you via DM so we can get you more information about the preview program.


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