New Courses Available! Master Enrollment and User Management in the Admin Panel

I’m pleased to announce that we have two new Admin Panel Essentials courses open for registration - Enrollment Methods & Strategies and End-User Account Management! These two courses explore user administration through the entire end-user lifecycle, from associating them with their first 2FA device, to removing them from the Admin Panel when they leave the company. New administrators planning a deployment will find many tips to help their Duo rollout be more successful, and experienced administrators can evaluate different approaches to better integrate Duo with their existing processes and infrastructure.

Enrollment Methods & Strategies

This course is a deep dive into enrollment, the process of adding new end-users to the Duo Admin Panel and associating them with a 2FA device. We’ll break down all the available enrollment methods, policies, and share best practices to teach your end-users what Duo is, how Duo will impact them, and how to get enrolled. Here’s a little taste of the Enrollment Methods breakdown section below! Beta participants can register for the course here

End-User Account Management

This course focuses on end-users that are already in the Admin Panel in either a partially and fully enrolled state. You’ll explore user and device management considerations post-deployment, including tips for conserving licenses, configuration options, and Admin Panel features to optimize management of your existing user population. My favorite part about this course is the comprehensive section dedicated to managing partial enrollment! Beta participants can register here.

Did you learn something new?

Both of the courses are jam packed with all sorts of Duo goodness to help you be more successful as an administrator. After you take the courses, share with us one thing you learned that surprised you in the comments section below! I’d love to hear from you :slight_smile:

Take care and enjoy!


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