New Course Available! Register for "Protecting Applications with Duo"

I’m pleased to announce the latest addition to our Admin Panel course series, Protecting Applications with Duo, is now open for registration! This course is for Owner, Administrator, and Application Manager role administrators who protect and manage integrations using the Admin Panel. Our goal with this course is to give new admins the knowledge they need to have a successful first deployment, and seasoned admins tips on protecting additional integrations to expand their protected environment.

The course offers an overview of common types of integrations, tips on conducting a 2FA pilot, best practices for configuring your protected applications to best fit with your existing environment, and explores Admin Panel configuration options you can use to customize your Duo integration.

Level Up beta participants can register for Protecting Applications with Duo at Let us know what you think in the Feedback & Challenge module at the end of the course or in the comments below!

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When I try to register it asks for a company code. Where do I find this?

Hi @mbkitmgr , thanks for reaching out! Level Up registration is gated by access code for the duration of our public beta period, but I would be happy to generate one for you. You can sign up by completing the short registration form here, and you will receive your code and instructions to login via email.

Luckily, this is only a temporary measure to track activity during beta. We’re currently working to build SSO from the Admin Panel to Level Up, so that when we launch to all Duo admins, anyone with Admin Panel access will be able to register without any additional access codes or gating.

Feel free to check out the FAQ about the public beta at this post here, and let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you! :slight_smile:

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